Submitting your brochure for listing

Submitting a brochure to the Brochure Buddy database is a simple, 3 step process.
Begin by uploading your brochure. Brochures may not be larger than 100mb and must be in PDF format. Although large brochure files are accepted, we recommend limiting your brochure files to less than 20mb. The smaller your brochure file is, the faster it will download on a user's device. If your brochure is larger than 20mb, your brochure may be compressed, resulting in image quality degradation.
After uploading your brochure, we require you to fill out a few details in order to better categorise your business. Details include business name, tags, and any business locations that you wish to include.
When you are satisfied with the information you have entered, you can submit your brochure. For quality assurance purposes, all brochures that are submitted are subject to review. If your brochure passes the review stage, you are notified to complete payment and publish your brochure. If unsuccessful, you will simply be required to remedy any issues detailed for you.
Upon request, we are also able to embed a wide variety of multimedia content into your brochure pages. Content such as web-pages, images, videos, audio clips and much more can be made available for your potential customers to view.

About Brochure Buddy

Kingford Promotions Pty Ltd, trading as Tourism Brochure Exchange (TBE), was established in 1990 to provide an innovative and targeted marketing service to businesses in the Tourism Industry within Tasmania. Brochure marketing and distribution has been firmly established as an efficient, economical and effective means of reaching potential customers. TBE represents over 225 tourism operators in the State and has affiliate distribution organizations in other States.

The digital age has provided TBE the opportunity to innovatively enhance the brochure distribution service and as such we are proud to release Brochure Buddy, a mobile app designed for iOS. Now, in addition to being able to browse hard copy brochures at their leisure, your customers can download brochures, view, save them as favourites, add them to a trip planner or share with friends.

With the continuing development of the mobile industry, TBE believes it is timely for operators to promote their valuable brochure offering using the benefits of Brochure Buddy. Packaging this technology with our brochure distribution is guaranteed to boost sales results for any business. Brochure Buddy is a free app that provides the convenience of mobile access, simple navigation, search function and direct links to your website